Pile Integrity Testing

What is i.Pile?

i.Pile™ provides an industry-standard quality built wireless device for low strain impact integrity testing of deep foundations and piles.  i.Pile™ can be used to expose potentially dangerous defects such as major cracks, necking, soil inclusions or voids in slender piles. Moreover, i.Pile™ can be used for determining unknown length of piles. i.Pile™ meets the minimum requirements of ASTM D5882.


•   Evaluate unknown length of piles, or elementsFull Package - Standing - Copy
•   Evaluate pile cross-sectional area and length
•   Determining the integrity & continuity of piles
•   Evaluate consistency of pile material


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»  Technical Paper: A Spotlight on Pile Integrity Testing
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Why Pile Integrity Test?


The inspection and evaluation of concrete piles and deep foundations are often challenging, mainly because these elements are not easily accessible for visual inspection. The process of quality control for this group of elements is very much through indirect measurement of other parameters, i.e. resistance of pile to driving or drilling. In other words, the process of quality control in pile construction is somewhat blind. Pile Integrity Testing can be used to shed light on this hidden part of concrete piles.



Wireless is just the beginning

i.Pile™ uses enhanced Bluetooth communication for transmitting acceleration data from the sensor to a mobile-based tablet. All you need to do is to place the i.Pile™ sensor over the pile head, hit the head by the hand-held hammer, and record and display acceleration data on the tablet. iPile-wireless-sensor

i.Pile™ is equipped with innovative low voltage acceleration sensor that helps reduce ambient noise, and record acceleration data with high precision.





Tablet-1Signals at your fingertips

with 1.8 Ghz processing speed, and 3 GB of RAM, you have all the processing power you need at your fingertips. i.Pile™ comes with a powerful and user-friendly app for data recording and analysis. Dynamic data visualization, and pile length measurement helps you obtain crucial information about pile integrity right on site.



  • How to use i.Pile™ ?

Pile integrity testing has never been easier. Turn on the i.Pile sensor, and your tablet. Use the user-friendly app to connect to the sensor, and start collecting test results. Its that easy.




Technical Specs

Acceleration Range ±50 g
Frequency Range (±3db): 0.5 – 15000 Hz
Resonant Frequency > 31 kHz
Data Transmission Range 15m
Sampling Frequency 40 kHz
Sampling Resolution > 12bit
Low cut-off frequency 5000 Hz (-3db)
Temperature Range-Storage -20 to 65 ºC
Connectivity BLE 4.0
Internal Battery Life Time > 8 hours


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