SHM Products

In our SHM range, we offer wireless strain gauges for:

  • Displacement
  • Strain
  • Tilt
  • Tilt/Inclination
  • Humidity
  • Vibration

Wireless Sensors:


Resensys SenSpot™ sensors are ideal in applications where low cost, long endurance, and easy installation are important. Example applications of SenSpot™ include:

  • Monitoring loading condition in critical components.
  • Monitoring deformation and displacement
  • Monitoring vibration patterns


  • Lightweight, easy & fast to install adhesive mount devices
  • Long lifetime
    • Minimum expected life: 10 years
    • Typical: 20 years
  • Sensing capabilities:
    • Strain, resolution: 1 µStrain
    • Acceleration and Vibration, resolution: 1mg, range adjustable to ±2g, ±4g, ±8g
    • Tilt and inclination, resolution: 12.9 seconds (0.003 degrees)
    • Precision Tilt & Inclination, resolution: 0.5 arc seconds (0.00014 degree)
    • Crack width, accuracy: 0.1mm
    • Humidity & moisture, resolution: 1% RH
    • Temperature: 1 °F
  • Working temperature: -40 to +150°F (-40 to +65°C)
  • Long free space communication range: 1.3Km
  • Small size: 1.3” x 3.5” (0.55” thick)

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Resensys SeniMax™ is an ultra low power and high performance data collector and remote communication gateway. SeniMax™ communicates with SenSpot™ sensors using IEEE802.15.4 protocol. Wireless communication between SeniMax™ and SenSpot™ sensors uses unlicensed ISM 2.4GHz band. SeniMax™ has capability to communicate the aggregated data of SenSpot™ sensors to any remote data center using cellular data services. Different versions of SeniMax™ for remote communication using Verizon CDMA network or using GPRS network are available. Additionally, SeniMax™ can be used as a data logger, where it receives data of SenSpot™ sensors, and stores them. The logged data can later be transferred to a computer.
A single SeniMax™ device can cover up to 1000 SenSpot sensors in its communication range. SeniMax™ is ideal solution in applications of distributed sensing and data acquisition where there is no access to main power or communication infrastructures. Particular applications include: structural integrity monitoring for highway bridges, airframes, construction projects, pipelines, etc.

SeniMax Dez Pacific


  • Ultra low power: consuming only 20mW
  • Energy self sufficient: solar powered
  • Wireless protocols:
    • IEEE 802.15.4 (for communication with SenSpot™ sensors)
    • CDMA or GPRS (for communication with remote monitoring center)
  • Low cost, low profile, and scalable
  • Weatherproof IP65 protection
  • Coverage: up to 1000 SenSpot™ sensors
  • Lightweight: 1.5Kg

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Resensys SenScope™ is for real-time monitoring and structural diagnostics based on measurements of Resensys SenSpot™ sensors. SenScope™ is capable to reduce large volume of data of Resensys SenSpot™ sensors into specific structural diagnostics information. The information generated by
SenScope™ facilitates decision-making and accelerates the course of action for maintenance/repair.




  • Real-time communication capability with Resensys SenSpot™ and Resensys SeniMax™
  • Real-time data visualization and management
  • Real-time comparison and visualization of data of multiple sensors
  • Monitoring large number of sites
  • Structural diagnostics and alert generation with customizable alert levels
  • Visualization and archiving of historical data of the structure
  • Capability of adding user notes per sensor

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